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Smith Campaign Releases TV Ad “RINO Hunting”
April 28, 2022

For Immediate Release – April 28, 2022

Idaho Falls, ID – Bryan Smith’s campaign released its next television ad “RINO Hunting.” The ad will be running in the Twin Falls and Idaho Falls media markets this week. The campaign is also up on broadcast television in the Boise media market. This is the fifth television ad of the primary between anti-Trump, career politician Mike Simpson and conservative Republican Bryan Smith. 

“There is no better time than now to send Mike Simpson packing. He has completely lost touch with the voters of Idaho’s Second Congressional District. It is clear that they are not even a priority anymore for this long-term incumbent RINO. He will not even take the time to debate me on the pressing issues that are facing our citizens, because he knows he cannot defend his liberal record. We need a strong conservative fighter in Washington, not a weak, closet liberal like Mike Simpson,“ says Bryan Smith.  

Click here to view the ad.


Let’s do a little Idaho RINO hunting.
Bryan Smith shares our conservative values
Supported President Trump.
Helped nominate him.
Bryan Smith’s always been
A one-hundred percent conservative.
Mike Simpson?
He called Trump “unfit to be president”
And backed Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th witch hunt.
Plans to breach 4 dams
So, who’s the Trump Republican
And who’s the RINO?
And which one belongs in Congress?
Bryan Smith: Fighting for Idaho.

Bryan Smith is a principled political outsider who will fight for Idahoans’ conservative values in Congress. He is the real conservative Republican running for Idaho’s second congressional district. He is running against career politician and anti-Trump Washington insider Mike Simpson. Bryan and his wife live in Idaho Falls. 


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