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Smith Campaign Releases Third TV Ad “Facts”
April 11, 2022
For Immediate Release – March 30, 2022

Idaho Falls, ID
– Bryan Smith’s campaign released its third television ad “Facts.” The significant ad buy is running in the Twin Falls and Idaho Falls media markets. This is the third television ad of the primary between anti-Trump, career politician Mike Simpson and conservative Republican Bryan Smith.

“Mike Simpson continues to throw false attacks at the wall to see if they will stick. The bottom line is that career politician Mike Simpson has been anti-Trump since President Donald J. Trump was a candidate. We need a conservative, pro-Trump Republican representing us in Washington, not a weak, long-time incumbent like Mike Simpson, “ says Bryan Smith.

Click here to view the ad.




Liberal Mike Simpson is at it again. Not telling the truth about Bryan Smith.

Conservative Republican Bryan Smith

donated to President Trump …

… and helped to nominate him for President as a Trump delegate

And RINO Mike Simpson?

He called Trump unfit to be President…

… wouldn’t endorse him against Hillary.

Then he voted for Nancy Pelosi’s anti-Trump January 6th witch hunt.

We need a real conservative like Bryan Smith.


AP News: US Rep. Mike Simpson: Trump ‘unfit to be president’

KTVB: Idaho Rep. Simpson is 1 of 35 House Republicans to vote in favor of Jan. 6 Capitol riot commission

Bryan Smith is a principled political outsider who will fight for Idahoans’ conservative values in Congress. He is the real conservative Republican running for Idaho’s second congressional district. He is running against career politician and anti-Trump Washington insider Mike Simpson. Bryan and his wife live in Idaho Falls.

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