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Smith Campaign Releases First TV Ad “Coin”
February 23, 2022
For Immediate Release – February 23, 2022

Idaho Falls, ID – Today, Bryan Smith’s campaign released a new television ad “Coin.” The significant ad buy is running in the Twin Falls and Idaho Falls media markets. This is the first television ad of the primary between long-time incumbent Mike Simpson and Smith.


Congressman Simpson has gone unchallenged for over two decades. Now, he has gone so far as to sellout Idaho’s farmers and ranchers for salmon. The voters of Idaho’s Second Congressional District deserve to hear about how Simpson has become a creature of the Swamp from being in Washington for far too long.


“It has become very clear that Mike Simpson has been in Congress for far too long. He is in the pockets of lobbyists and special interests. He has moved so far left over the past two decades he now serves his constituents of Washington over Idahoans. I am a political outsider, successful businessman who will fight for our conservative Idaho principles in Washington and I will not forget where I came from like our current congressman,” says Bryan Smith.


Mike Simpson he’s two sides of the same fake coin,
Two decades in congress,
Made millions on the public payroll,
No wonder he opposes term limits.
Now Simpson wants to breach four dams on the Snake River.
Take water from farms and ranches,
And cut hydropower for Idaho families.
Idaho needs Bryan Smith.
A proven fighter,
Successful businessman,
And a no-apologies conservative,

Bryan Smith.


Simpson’s plan to breach four dams on lower Snake River, Post Register, 12/14/21
Simpson’s plan would hurt hydropower production, The Columbian, 5/13/21
Bryan Smith is a hard-nosed political outsider who will fight for Idahoan’s conservative values in Congress. He is the true conservative Republican running for Idaho’s Second Congressional District. He is running against career politician and anti-Trump Washington insider Mike Simpson. Bryan and his wife live in Idaho Falls.

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