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Bryan Smith Raises $200,000+ & Receives 29 Idaho Legislative Endorsements in First 30 Days
November 01, 2021

Idaho Falls, ID – Conservative congressional candidate Bryan Smith raised over $200,000 in first thirty days of his campaign. Bryan Smith is challenging anti-Trump, career politician Congressman Mike Simpson in the Republican primary in Idaho’s second congressional district.

The Bryan Smith for Congress campaign has also received endorsements from 29 sitting Idaho state legislators. Ron Crane, who served as Idaho’s State Treasurer for 20 years, is serving as the treasurer for the campaign.

“I am so thankful for the overwhelming support my campaign has received from the people of Idaho. Our latest fundraising numbers and endorsements show how the people of Idaho are ready for a change in Congress. The voters of the second congressional district want a congressman that will fight to secure our borders, protect our elections, keep America first, and be our conservative voice in Washington,” says Bryan Smith.  

Bryan Smith Endorsements 

Rep. Heather Scott

Idaho House District 1-A State Representative

Rep. Sage Dixon

Idaho House District 1-B State Representative

Rep. Vito Barbieri

Idaho House District 2-A State Representative 

Rep. Ron Mendive

Idaho House District 3-A State Representative

Rep. Tony Wisniewski

Idaho House District 3-B State Representative

Rep. Brandon Mitchell

Idaho House District 5-A State Representative

Rep. Mike Kingsley

Idaho House District 6-B State Representative

Rep. Charlie Shepherd

Idaho House District 7-B State Representative

Rep. Terry Gestrin

Idaho House District 8-A State Representative

Rep. Dorothy Moon

Idaho House District 8-B State Representative

Rep. Judy Boyle

Idaho House District 9-B State Representative

Rep. Tammy Nichols

Idaho House District 11-B State Representative

Rep. Bruce Skaug

Idaho House District 12-A State Representative

Rep. Brent Crane

Idaho House District 13-A State Representative

Rep. Ben Adams

Idaho House District 13-B State Representative

Rep. Gayann DeMordaunt

Idaho House District 14-B State Representative

Rep. Joe Palmer

Idaho House District 20-A State Representative

Rep. James Holtzclaw

Idaho House District 20-B State Representative 

Rep. Greg Ferch

Idaho House District 21-B State Representative

Rep. John Vander Woude

Idaho House District 22-A State Representative

Rep. Jason Monks

Idaho House District 22-B State Representative

Rep. Randy Armstrong

Idaho House District 28-A State Representative

Rep. Julianne Young

Idaho House District 31-B State Representative

Rep. Chad Christensen

Idaho House District 32-B State Representative

Rep. Barbara Ehardt

Idaho House District 33-A State Representative

Rep. Ron Nate

Idaho House District 34-B State Representative

Rep. Karey Hanks

Idaho House District 35-A State Representative 

Sen. Regina Bayer

Idaho Senate District 21

Sen. Christy Zito

Idaho Senate District 23

Bryan Smith is a hard-nosed political outsider who will fight for Idahoan’s conservative values in Congress. He is the real conservative Republican running for Idaho’s second congressional district. He is running against career politician and anti-Trump Washington insider Mike Simpson. Bryan and his wife live in Idaho Falls. 

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